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Blueberry Plum Paletas

31 Jul

I am moving back to Cambridge/Somerville in a couple weeks. Though I am happy to be going “home,”  I’m dreading the move.  I HATE moving.  The actual move day is horrible, but it’s the packing I can’t stand – and the unpacking.  In an effort to avoid these unpleasant things, I’ve turned to the kitchen.  Since it is too hot for me to want to use my oven, I decided to make paletas or popsicles. Few things taste better on a hot day then a popsicle.

With just three simple ingredients (and no added sugar), these all fruit pops are easy to whip up.


Blueberries and pomegranates make the perfect combo with their anti-oxidant, super-food superpowers.  Not to mention, they taste good.   I threw in plums as well, but any other fruit would do – next up, blueberry peach?!


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Gluten Free Matzah

29 Mar

Designing a gluten free meal for a seder is super easy – I simply focus on dishes that aren’t heavy on matzah meal, replacing where necessary with potato starch. The obvious problem is the matzah itself. Boxes of gluten free matzah cost upwards of $7 a box, which is completely prohibitive (although I noticed this morning that like most passover items, they are on super sale midway through the holiday). Since my GF sister-in-law was joining us for our seder, I decided I would try to make some for her. After working through a couple failures, I landed on one that worked!


It’s not perfect looking, but it’s tasty and does the trick.


Next year, I’ll ditch the boxed GF matzah balls, and try to perfect a recipe that’s as good as my gluten filled ones.

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Coconut & Pecan Breakfast Cookies

12 Jan

An on-the-go breakfast is often a necessity; I didn’t leave enough time after my workout, I woke up late, I stayed up past my “bedtime”, etc.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  On these occasions, I all to often turn to my friend, the Kind Bar.  And although they are delicious and not filled with processed junk, I didn’t make them myself.

Here’s a make-ahead breakfast for those rushed days – an easy grab on the way out the door.   Filled with pecans, coconut, fruit, and oats and sweetened with only bananas and a touch of agave, these “cookies” hit the spot (though some might argue if you try calling them dessert).

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Spooky Halloween Rice Krispy Treats

28 Oct

Favorite foods from childhood are worth the calories, always.  With Hurricane Sandy getting ready to pummel the East Coast and Halloween around the corner, these little treats hit the spot!  The mixture of shapes and colors means everyone is happy – hubby still gets his chocolate.

Using jarred Fluff allows these cuties to be vegan and kosher, not to mention gluten free.  Who knew that a childhood classic could be all three?!  Since they only take 20 minutes to make, you can easily make these this week.


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Gluten Free Granola

16 Oct

Without breakfast, I’m a grumpy maniac (with a rumbly belly). Unfortunately making time for breakfast has not always been my strong suit. Between marathon training and trying to run out the door, my eating can take a back seat.  This week has been about finding easy and delicious breakfasts that don’t leave me resorting to my emergency Kind bar purse stash. This granola fills the bill for a quick meal on my way out and can be stored in bags for on-the-go eating.


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