Berry Pink Cheesecake

14 Feb

So it’s Valentine’s day. As opposed to eating out tonight, hubby and I are going to sip champagne and cook dinner together. That may not sound revolutionary, but it is.  I live in my kitchen and am not good at sharing it – but what better way is there to show my love than challenging myself to change?  We are going to get creative with our new purchase: the Vitamix 6300. We are even making a spicy green soup with it. Yes, you heard me correctly: we will be making soup in our blender.

Even though we will be cooking together, I couldn’t help making these decadent pink desserts.  They were just too beautiful.  They take about 25 mins to put together and another 1-2 hours to freeze (they are no-bake), so you still have time if you want to whip some up tonight.


I made these little cheesecakes using 4 – 4″ springform pans.  The original recipe used 1- 8″.  Work with what you got – or get some of these little ones because they make great 1 or 2 person desserts and they are just plain cute.


14 dates, pitted
175 g almond flour
1.5 Tbsp coconut oil
pinch salt
2 cups frozen raspberries and strawberries
1 Tbsp Meyer lemon juice (or regular – about 1/2 lemon)
84 g honey (1/4 cup)
8 oz mascarpone
7 oz full fat greek yogurt

berries for topping


Boil 1 cup water and add dates, turning off heat and cover. Let sit for 15 mins.  Drain and puree dates in food processor or blender.  Add almond flour, coconut oil, and salt and pulse until combined. Spread evenly in bottom of pans (about 90g of mixture for each small springform pan) and pat down with fingers. Set crusts on small baking sheet.

Blend frozen berries, lemon juice and honey.  When smooth, add mascarpone and yogurt and blend until evenly combined.  Pour on top of crust.  Shake pans gently to smooth top.  Freeze for 1-2 hours and top with strawberries.  They can be frozen for a couple weeks (put in freezer bags after frozen). Just let sit for 15 mins to soften.  I’m only using one tonight and saving the other three for future desserts (this weekend).



Adapted from Green Kitchen Stories


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