A trip to San Francisco, a tour of bakeries, and a loss of time

28 Sep

I have nothing but a plethora of excuses for why I have not written in months.  I went to a conference in San Francisco, visited two of my favorite bakeries (along with a ton of great restaurants) and then was overwhelmed by school, moving (twice!) and life in general.  I have cooked and baked (a wedding cake!!!) tons of times but couldn’t get it together to post. I even spent all summer interning at the cutest bakery in Brooklyn (One Girl Cookies). But it’s a new year (l’shana tova) and I’m in a new house (in New Haven), so here begins a year filled with delicious things.

I would be remiss not to share a little about my trip to that lovely city on the west coast though.  So here’s a brief tour:

A trip the Ferry building, its farmer’s market, and Miette:

Admiring the ranunculus

Yes, please


What I wouldn’t have done for a kitchen!

Veggie steamed buns… who cares if I just ate breakfast?

Wish I had this right now

Cowgirl cremerie – I am seriously missing the days I could visit the Ferry building every weekend!

I love their packaging!

I need to make these

I want these jars! (The macaron containers and the little jars for pots de creme)

Mine was not quite this pretty…. I’ll still post the pictures though (it tasted incredible)

I’ll have to give this one another shot too! Alexis did you try this one with the cookbook and cake pans you won?

And then a pre-plane jaunt to the mission district for awesome Mexican and a trip to Tartine:

Maybe I overdid it a little bit, but this place rocks.

The line to get in…

Through glass iPhone pictures just don’t do it justice

And since I had just stuffed myself, I had to get one… er… some… Tartine treats for my plane ride dinner. Again, iPhone shot, plane window lit pictures aren’t the best, but I wanted you to see them.  If only you (I) could taste pictures.

Gougère… cheese filled flaky pastry

Morning bun

And scones – a good scone may be one of my favorite foods

So there you go. No more excuses.  Here’s to 5773 being filled with posts (and may I become a better photographer in the meantime)!


One Response to “A trip to San Francisco, a tour of bakeries, and a loss of time”

  1. Dana September 28, 2012 at 2:58 pm #

    welcome back!

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