Enchiladas: Corn, Bean, and Kale

16 Nov

Enchiladas are my signature dish. They were the first meal I learned to make; in my house you either cooked or cleaned so I learned to cook at a young age.  My dad first taught me the recipe at age 8 or 9 and I have been tweaking and perfecting it ever since. I have to say that this latest version is a complete winner.

I wanted to dress up my standard enchiladas to make them (a little bit) healthier.  After several chilaquile-kale one pot meals and  three repeat visits in one weekend to Maya Taqueria in Brooklyn, I knew what to do. Kale.

Much like chiles and, now, butternut squash, I find excuses to put kale in anything. It is super nutritious and low calorie, to boot.  According to the New York Times, “kale is packed with health-promoting sulfur compounds, and it has been found to have the greatest antioxidant capacity of all fruits and vegetables. It’s an excellent source of vitamins K, A and C, as well as manganese, and a very good source of dietary fiber, calcium, iron and potassium. All of this nutritional value comes in a low-calorie package.”

Enough said. These enchiladas were outstanding.

Makes approx 4 entree sized servings


10 oz package frozen kale, thawed and liquid removed (a potato ricer is an awesome tool for this)


1 large onion, diced

1.5 cups frozen corn

1 can pinto beans, drained

16 corn tortillas

3 cans- 10 oz Enchilada Sauce (Hot)

6 oz cheddar cheese, grated and divided into 4


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Toast tortillas in oven or in small batches in toaster oven, until lightly toasted but not crispy. Set aside; this will prevent the enchiladas from getting soggy.

Heat oil in large pan. Add onions and cook until they start to be transparent.  Add corn and cook until heated through.  Stir in kale and cook for a few more minutes. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

In a small baking pan, lay down 4 corn tortillas (they should fill the bottom – if you are using a bigger pan, use more ingredients :).  Lay down beans, a little more than 1/4th the cheese, and most of a can of sauce.

Put down 4 more tortillas, half of the kale mixture, more cheese and most of another can of sauce.  Repeat.

Lay down the last tortillas, the rest of the cheese, and drizzle with the last bit of sauce from the cans.

Put in oven and bake for 30-40 mins (until golden on top and bubbling).

Let stand 5-10 mins, and then serve. I like it with an avocado, though I was so excited to eat it tonight that I forgot.


One Response to “Enchiladas: Corn, Bean, and Kale”

  1. Bruleed December 20, 2011 at 11:35 pm #

    These are AMAZING! I made them and posted them on my blog. Thanks for the recipe!

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