Purple Hashbrowns

17 Oct

In an effort to eat with the seasons, and challenge my ability to be creative in the kitchen, I joined a CSA this summer.  CSA is short for community supported agriculture. At the beginning of the farming season, you can pay for a share of a local farmer’s crop.  This is beneficial to the farmer because they get money at the beginning of the season that can help sustain the farm through the year.

Long story short, it means that each week I get a massive amount of vegetables that I must consume – in creative and delicious ways.

Thus, enter purple hashbrowns.

The purple potato (or blue potato) is rich in the antioxidant anthocyanin – and also incredibly tasty. It can be used interchangeably for the regular potato and its rich color makes it enormously fun to add to recipes.

The key to good hasbrowns is to make them golden brown and crunchy (my husband rages about this whenever a restaurant fails to make his “extra crispy” – a frequently ignored request).  This means that you have to give them time in a super hot pan.


5-6 small purple potatoes (and 1 white because I have 9 billion of them) grated

olive oil

Grated Purple Potatoes

Potatoes are super juicy - dry them before frying or baking for that delicious crisp.


Grate potatoes.  Squeeze out water using a dish towel (you can see all the moisture on these ones).  This is super important for the necessary crisp!

Heat olive oil in a cast iron (or non stick pan).  Cash iron is best because it can get (and stay) very hot. Turn heat to medium low.

Add potatoes and turn every couples minutes until golden brown – turning (and the lower heat) keeps them from burning while they are crisping!

If you get bored, are slightly lazy, or are in a hurry (that’s me trying to get dinner on the table at 8 pm), turn on your broiler in your oven and pop them in for 5 minutes.  (Sometimes I do this at the end when not in a hurry anyway – always pleases the husband’s crisp-o-meter.)

Gorgeous Purple Hashbrowns

I love my Le Creuset color (thanks for my birthday present)!


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