Jumped the Gun

9 Jan

So I jumped the gun with beginning this blog – I was so eager to begin sharing my recipes with the world.  But alas, I am up to my ears in report writing and grades and am still sans camera.  I have still been busy in the kitchen, but without a camera to document the mess/masterpiece, I have not felt like sharing.


We can just consider it practice.


In the past week I have “practiced” the following dishes:

Vegetarian Posole (a family favorite of mine – I will definitely be sharing this one soon!)

Banana Pepper pizza with Scallions, Ricotta, and Carmelized onions – this take on a restaurant favorite of mine still needs some tweaking, but will definitely grace my table (and this blog) in the near future.

Mediterranean Shabbat dinner replete with hummus, Baba ganoush, fresh pita, tzatziki, cucumber salad, and a leek and zucchini egg/cheese casserole – and of course home made challah! – this is one for the books.

Roasted Red Pepper Pita Pizzas – yum – this is a new one from Vegetarian Times – so delicious and easy!

Hopefully I will be gaining access to a camera soon and will begin sharing again!


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